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I have two columns A and B,
I want to match the 2 columns data of each row using only one function. At the same time I want to retrieve the Matched Data from Column B. . .!
I have used the below function to compare the data
=IF(B2=C2,C2,"")&IF(B3=C3,C3,"")&", "&IF(B4=C4,C4,"")
Please suggest the any better one. . .


I don't know how your data is arranged, but the formula you described is comparing only one column one row with the same row in the next column, so if B2=C2 and B3=C3 then the result where the formula is will be C2B3  or if cell c2 contains X and cell B3 contains Y, then the result will be XY.  I'm thinking that is not the result you want so using the & symbol to combine the results isn't a good solution.

I believe you can do what you want with one formula--If your formula is simply
That formula can be dragged or copied down and will change as appropriate as you copy down to each row.

There may also be the possibility of using the VLOOKUP formula to do what you want That formula will look thru all of the data within a column and return the matching data from column C.  For example
(Since column C and column B match then it doesn't matter which is returned by the formula.)

This formula will look in the range of C1 thru C100 and return the value from column C  It will return the first value from column C that matches the value in cell B1.

This formula can be dragged or copied down to the subsequent rows and will change as appropriate to the row.

Again, not knowing exactly how your data is arranged it is a bit difficult to give you the details of the best answer. But maybe one of these two will work for you.

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