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My company has decided to use a standard form for the sales team when we place our customers orders. This would be great if the person doing it knew more than I did about Excel! I am using Excel 2010.

Anyway, they gave me a form with tons of fields that have no drop down lists. Not customers, parts...nothing. Now, I can make drop down lists, that I get. What I would like to do is enter my customers Company name and have info like address, phone, email, account# pre-fill. I see how to link lists with Data Validation but I do not think that is what I want because I need the company info to be identifiable. I can't just have a list of emails, phone numbers and names.

So, to sum up, I want fields to pre-fill when I enter a company name. Please talk to me as though you are writing EXCEL for DUMMIES. I appreciate all your help and I can send you the shoddy template if you need me to.

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If you had a database/list (multiple rows and columns) with Company Name in the first column, then  you could use the vlookup formula.

Assume the list is like this on a sheet Named Data

A1: Company name
B1: Street address
C1: City
D1: State
E1: Zip
F1: phone
G1: email
H1: account#

A2: Smith and Smyth, Inc
B2: 111 West East St
C2: Indianapolis
D2: IN
E2: 21213
F2: (123)456-7890
G2: abc@smithsmythinc.com
H2: A12345

then if on another sheet (your template in the same workbook) I had in F20
F20:  =if(B2<>"",Vlookup(B2,Data!A:H,7,False),"")

then the company name would be placed in B2 and this formula would produce the companies email address in F20 because in the lookup range Data!A:H, column G is the 7th column in that range (3rd argument of Vlookup - specifies which value to return from the matching row)  

The 4th Argument, False, tells vlookup to find an exact match in column A for the value (company name) in cell B2.  

If you need more explanation or an example send an email to twogilvy@msn.com

Tom Ogilvy  
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