i have two excel sheet in first sheet(central ware house stock position) A column (code no)B column stock qty.
seccond sheet (branch stock position)A column (code no)B column stock qty.
i have task daily morning i have to compare branch stock position with central warehouse stock position ,to know which item is short in branch.
at present i am printing both sheet and comapare manullay . i want to help from you, how to i know which item is out stock in branch pls provide any formula.

Hi Harish,

This would not be a simple task that I can tell over an email. I can provide a sample guideline. You would need to build up further on that.
Suppose the first sheet(sheeta) has the following layout
   A       B          C
  CodeNo Stockqty  BranchQty
1  aaa    5
2  bbb    10

The second sheet (sheetb) contains
  A     B
 CodeNo StockQty
1 aaa    2
2 bbb    5

I guess you would want excel to warn you when the stockqty goes below a certain qty in the branch

In sheeta Branchqty column, you can have this formula(refer to help for the exact formula) =vlookup(a1,sheetb!$a1..$b2, 2,false). This will give you the value of stockqty for aaa in sheetb. You can then use the conditional formatting to show that value in red if it goes below a certain value.

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