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I have two worksheets of same headings: account number, transaction date, amount.  The first worksheet is the master (Sheet Master) which contains all transactions (about 6,000 rows) and the second worksheet contains data that has been extracted from another source (Sheet Extract)(slightly less than 6,000 rows).  I need to compare these two worksheets to see which data entry is missing on the Sheet Extract on a monthly basis. Any suggestion other than eye-ball review one by one.

Thanks in advance.


As long as there is a unique identifier field in the master (such as invoice number or social security number), then you can use a VLOOKUP formula to compare the master sheet to the extract sheet.  If an item on the master sheet is not found on the extract sheet then the formula will return "#N/A".

If there is not a unique field there are some other tricks.  For example, you can join two fields with CONCATENATE (or &) and create a unique field.

If you want I could do your first comparison for you for a minimum donation of $5 and find your exceptions.  I would leave the formulas on the spreadsheet so that you could simply duplicate those formulas in future months.


Nathan (email to here if you want to take me up on my offer)
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