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Excel/Macro: Comma between values when value is 100 and above


Successor macro
Successor macro  
QUESTION: I have a macro (see image "Successor Macro") which works OK when in cell(s) “A” the value is lower than 100. Example: when there are multiple values which the macro collects, then I get perfectly 90,93,95, 97

But when the value in cell(s) “A” have a value of 100 and above then the macro will not put a comma anymore between each value: All the values will be put at “together”  See image: "Successor" : In this image you see that when I hit the "ID" button (W7) all the successors ID will be collect. For the deliverable's 1- till 5 the macro puts nicely a comma between the different values (W15). But in cell W24 the macro don't put comma's between the values anymore.

I hope that you can help me with this.

ANSWER: Hi Ellert,

Can you please post the code as text so I don't have to type it?

And the data too?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Jan Karel Pieterse,

the initial code which i used was:
Sub GetSuccessors()
  Dim LR As Long, a As Long
  Dim SCC_col, SCC_row As Long
  Dim succRang As Range
  Dim Hold
  Dim c As Range
      Set succRange = ActiveSheet.Buttons(Application.Caller).TopLeftCell
      LR = Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row
      Range(succRange.Offset(1, 0), succRange.Offset(LR - succRange.Row, 0)).ClearContents
      For a = succRange.Row + 1 To LR Step 1
        Hold = ""
        For Each c In Range(succRange.Offset(1, -3), succRange.Offset(LR - succRange.Row, -1))
         If ((c.Value = Cells(a, 1)) And Cells(a, 1) <> "") Then
         Hold = Hold & Cells(c.Row, 1).Value & ","
         End If
        Next c
        If Right(Hold, 1) = "," Then
         Cells(a, succRange.Column) = left(Hold, Len(Hold) - 1)
        End If
        Hold = ""
      Next a
End Sub

At this moment I have changed the following in the macro:

If Right(Hold, 1) = "," Then
       With Cells(a, succRange.Column)
         .NumberFormat = "@"
         .Value = Left(Hold, Len(Hold) - 1)
       End With
   End If

And this seems to be working for now. so at this moment i am ok.

Ah, now I get it. if you use the comma as a separator, Excel thinks you are entering numbers with a thousands separator in them and then just puts the number in  without the thousands separator. It would have worked if you would have used a different separating character,such as a pipe (|).
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