I am working on a project for school. I am struggling to come up with the best way to do this:

Sheet 1 is my Master. It list all the companies that are indicated on the other sheets.

I would like to
A: click on a company name on page one and have it take me to that sheet


When I am on that sheet (the company page)
cell E20 is the average of cell E2:E19 (THIS WORKS)
What I can not do is when I enter a value in cell A2 if that value is equal to cell E20 I want it to be one color and if it is not equal I want it to be another color.

I can not get this to work.

Being able to click on the company is not really that important but I thought it might give my project a bit extra. My main problem is the second one where I need the cell to change color after I enter a value.

Hi Amanda,

For the click you can use the HYPERLINK function. say your sheetnames start on cell A2 going down. In B2 enter this formula:

=HYPERLINK("#'" & A2 & "'!A1","Click to goto Sheet " & A2)

For the coloring you would use the Conditional formatting option, which you can find on the Home tab of the ribbon.
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