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Dear Richard,

Thank you very much for your advice, I'm glad to say it will work, however a small snag, it is limited to a period. Once the cycle is complete, must I start all over again?



I am not sure how the suggestion I gave you limits the solution to a period.  But I am guessing that the amount that is put in is the limitation, for example if you enter 12,000 as the expected contribution and you expect 1,000 per month to be contributed then the solution is limited to 12 months.

If the above is the problem, then there are a couple of solutions.
1---The amount you enter can be much higher, for example if you entered 60,000 then the limitation would be 60 months or 5 years.

2--This suggestion will get to be a bit more complicated but maybe more useful.
I am not sure what cells I told you to use but I am going to guess that cell C4 was the cell that I asked you to put the total amount that a member would put in.  So lets ask excel to calculate that amount.
first in cell F2 put in the date that the member started.  Next in cell G2 put the amount per month that the member should put in. Next in cell C4 put in the following formula

The above formula calculates how much should be put in thru any particular date.
So if cell F2 is the beginning date of 7/1/13
and if cell G2 is the amount per month of 1,000,
Then the result will be 6,000.
This is because from the beginning date of 7/1/13 until todays date, NOW(), it has been 5 months (rounded down).  I have assumed that the contribution is due the first day of the month so there should have been six contributions made to date, that is why the additional +G2 is at the end of the formula.

The rest of your worksheet can remain the same.

You can copy the formula


directly from this answer and paste it directly to your worksheet.

If this isn't what you are looking for let me know and I will give you some other suggestions.

Florida, USA  
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