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Excel/How to auto-populate a table?


The main area I am having trouble with is Section E of the main form.  I am trying to get information to auto-populate based on the selections from: Section C - "reason for change", Section D - "position", "Area" and "department".

Based on any selection for Section C "Reason for Change" (Except "New Hire"): I would like the following to populate in B219 - B222 of the request form.  
Active Directory
ICA access

For "New Hire" selection, I need it to go under "Change to:" in Section E (G219 - G222).

I would like for the "Administrator" cells next to those to have the ability to recognize who the administrator is in association with the program.

The list I have in worksheet "Vlookup" is incomplete because I am waiting on someone else to complete the information. (Story of my life).  Based on this, I would rather gain the knowledge on how to do this, rather than someone complete the work for me.  The information listed in "Vlookup" will change over time, so I'm hoping that I can edit the info in that workbook without affecting how it auto-populates.  

That's the easy for the tricky one.

There are six additional drop-downs in Section D.  Based on which selections are made on the drop downs, each combination will have a unique list of programs that will also fall into the "Current Access" and "Change to:" tables in Section E.  This list is also incomplete, as the original author did not normalize the data.  Again, instructions on how to complete this task would be more valuable than completing the work for me.

Lastly, I am trying to add a popup calendar in the date sections of Main Form.  I've gone through many tutorials and downloaded multiple add-ins, without any success.  I may have actually entered erroneous code that is affecting my workbook.  If you actually kept interest until this point, I'd really appreciate help with this as well.

I understand that my request will be time consuming for you to answer.  If a donation will help with your efforts, I am willing to contribute.  

Thank you for your time.


A couple of things:

1.  Your form is not a true form per se because EXCEL/VBA has what's called Userforms, like you see when you do a file open or display Tools, Options.  Userforms give you a lot more flexibility and add a touch of professionalism to your project.  Having said that it's not truly incorrect to call what you have designed as a form.  I think it's more accurately described as a template but that's my opinion.

2.  Your form requires a lot of dead or empty formulas since, and I am guessing here, you may not always get 5 data elements returned  (B219 - B222).  This is where code and/or Useforms help and can work together.

3.  I could not see the samples that well due to this site and more importantly I could not see HOW you have built formulas.  Additionally I could not see where, if any, you had placed dropdowns.  And I am assuming that you have dropdowns based on data filtering.

4.  This type of layout can cause a lot of problems unless you protect a lot of stuff to prevent users from destroying what you have done.

5.  Send the file, with any additional info, and I will look at it.  Send it to and reference ALLEXPERTS in the subject line or I will delete the email since I won't recognize you as a sender.

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