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hi Sixthsense
sorry to bother you ( hope i explain this well) i have an excel sheet as a price list and i have about 40 cells with separate prices in each of them, is it possible for me to reduce or increase those prices by "percent" just by typing that percent in a separate empty cell thanks.
regards Rick

Hi Rick,

Thanks for sending your question on my way.

Assume that your first Row contains Column headers and your data is starting from 2nd row....

Column-D is Price
Column-E is column we use it for entering discount
In Column-F Discount Price (Arrived Using Formula)
In Column-G DiscountED Price (Arrived Using Formula)

In D2 cell

In E2 cell

In F2 cell

In G2 cell

Drag the formula's down to the remaining cells.

Hope that helps!


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