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Excel/Compare data in two columns to find matches


I have two columns of addresses, column A which has 13995 rows of addesses and column B which has 2257 rows of addresses.  I need a formula that will tell me which addresses in column B are also in column A.  Thank you for your time and expertise.  Amy


This Conditional Format will highlight all the duplicates in Column A.

Click on the letter A to highlight the entire column

Go to Conditional Formatting

    Excel 2003:  Go to Format>Conditional Formatting and select Formula is, type in =(COUNTIF($B:$B,A1)=1)*(A1<>"") change the Format to Fill and the color of your choice and click on OK and OK.  The duplicates are now highlighted in Column A

    Excel 2007 and 2010:  Go the Home Tab and click on Conditional Formatting and select New          Rule > Use a formula, in the Format Values where this formula is true type in =(COUNTIF($B:$B,A1)=1)*(A1<>"") and change the format to Fill and the color of your choice. Click on OK and OK.  The duplicates are now hightlighted in column A.

Hope this helps.

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