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Hi Tom,

Hope this email meets you in perfect health.

Can you please help me analyze how to arrange my data. First
I exported a csv format to excel which works fine. However, I'm confused how to arrange it.

What i really wanted is to let excel do the calculation for all exported file on the other sheet (same excel file).

Currently, I sum up all emails for Name A and all telefon for Name A. Is there a way to let excel look all the range and return all emails and telefon for Name A? Name B and Name C?

Hoping for your good insights.



if you are using excel 2007 or later, then you can use sumifs  this is a new function introduced in Excel 2007.  It allows you to sum on multiple criteria

Assume the left most entry ID is in cell A1 in your example

then in cell I3  (under mail I2 in the row with 1243366 in G3 and Name A in H3) you would place


you can then drag this to the right to J3

then select I3:J3 and drag down next to your data in columns G and H (assuming you will enter unique ID and Agent_Name combinations in column G and H

If you don't want to list the ID and Name combinations, then you should select you data and insert a Pivot Table with ID and Agent_Name as row fields and Medium as the Column field.  Total would be your data field.

If you are not familiar with pivot tables or you need an example of either method, you can send a sample workbook to twogilvy@msn.com with your data and tell me what you want.

Tom Ogilvy  
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