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I use a simple tablet to enter location and equipment information into a form.  I "cleanup" this form data after uploading into Excel 2010 by using the =proper function- which serves the purpose quite well.   However,  some equipment contains both letters and numbers eg:  T35oplev6 - which I would like to result in T35OPLEV6 and not T35Oplev6.  I build the =proper function into a simple macro that highlights the column and then performs the = proper function.  Would you know how I could build a macro that would use perhaps both the =proper function and the = upper function when letters/numbers are involved.   My thanks for your interest Mr. Expert.  It's very much appreciated.

This seems to do the trick:


What it does is count the number of instances where a digit 0-9 is NOT found in the string. If that equals to 10, there are no numbers in the text and it uses Proper. Otherwise, it user Upper.

NB: if this does not work for you, replace the ; between the {} with  comma's.
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