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Hello There!

I'm not sure if it's the correct topic to ask the question.

But the thing is: I work in a school as a teacher. Currently, our school uses handwritten big-sheet (marks-ledger) and progress report (marks sheet) for different examination held at the school. But I want to implement the digital method i.e. prepare the big-sheet on computer and transfer the marks of each students to prepare computer printed mark-sheet. So, I want to get idea on how it is done. There's must be some simple method to do. Typing each marks on big-sheet and again typing the same data for mark-sheet is going to be time consuming and hectic.

I hope to get some tips and ideas on how it is done in simple way.

Thank You.


I support your idea.  I am sure that typing a grade one time into an Excel spreadsheet would then allow you to use that information many times in computing total grades or keeping records or whatever.  There is no particular method associated with it.  The spreadsheet was created to be used like a paper ledger.  The advantage it offers is that is has mathematical functions and other functions that allow the user to analyze the data entered.  It is also stored in a file that can be accessed by others if it is located in a network or stored on a disk and passed to another.  At the same time, that information can be altered with little evidence of that fact, so even at the beginning, one must consider security.  

Now the application you describe is one that is pretty much universal throughout the globe.  Since Excel is used worldwide, you should be able to find many free examples of what you want to do on the internet.  Microsoft has a site where it offers "Templates" with pre-designed files for many different types of applications.  Here is a link to a search on "grades" at the template site:

If you put that in the navigation bar of your browser, it should show you those results.

Also, just search google for  Excel Grade sheet

of search for excel gradebook

Here is a link to a PDF file that shows how to create a grade sheet in Excel:

the above link seems like a bad link.  Here are several others that I tested and they all seem to be good.

==<End Revision>==

That might be just what you need (you will need the acrobat reader software which is free from Adobe).

I hope that is the type of information you were looking for.

Tom Ogilvy  
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