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hi Philip
sorry to bother you ( hope i explain this well) i have an excel sheet as a price list and i have about 40 cells with separate prices in each of them, is it possible for me to reduce or increase those prices by "percent" just by typing that percent in a separate empty cell thanks.
regards Rick

Yes you can.  Let's assume your price list is in cells B1 through B40.  In cell A1 you can put the percentage change you want.  In this instance the new price list will be in cells C1 through C40.

Put the increase or decrease in cell A1.
Put the curser in Cell C1 and type the following and hit return:


This will put the price increase / decrease in cell C1.
Copy cell C1 and paste it to cells C2 through C40.  This will use the amount you typed into A1 for the entire price list.
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