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hi nathan
sorry to bother you ( hope i explain this well) i have an excel sheet as a price list and i have about 40 cells with separate prices in each of them, is it possible for me to reduce or increase those prices by "percent" just by typing that percent in a separate empty cell thanks.
regards Rick


There are a couple of ways to go about your question.  Here is one option:

Option 1) Lets say your prices are in cells A1:A40.  You could create a formula in cell B1 which looks like this:


Then you would copy that formula from cell B1 to cells B2:B40.  Initially the values are going to be zero; however, you can now type 10% (or .10) into cell C1 and the new prices will appear in column B.

Option 2) Lets say your prices are in cells A1:A40.  

a) Type 1.10 into cell B1.
b) Copy cell B1
c) Select the range A1:A40
d) Choose paste->paste special and select the options "values" and "multiply".
e) Click OK

Once the above steps are done all prices will have increased by 10%.  

Hopefully one of the above options works for you.  Please remember to donate if this solution worked for you!!!
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