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QUESTION: Hi, I need a way to write a formula that i know is way above my head. i have a vertical tank with 5 different sections. from 0 ft. to 6 ft. 1/2 inch, there are 290 increments of .69724 in the volume. the other sections have their own measurements with the amount of increments and increment factor. i want to write a function for the first section and hopefully be able to understand how it works and apply it to the rest. i want to be able to put the level in ft. and inches and subtract bottom gauge from top gauge to give you amount in volume. thanks

ANSWER: First work backwards:

Convert to inches
Inches   6x12+.5       72.5 inches   
         290 increments   
  290/72.5       4 increments per inch   
  4*.69724       2.78896 volume per inch

Enter your measurements in inches and multiply by volume      
  2'6""          30 inches
  30*2.78896   83.6688 volume

A1 = 72.5   (Max inches in container)
B1 = 290    (increments in container)
C1 = .69724 (volume per increment)

D1 = measurement taken in inches only
E1 formula would be:

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QUESTION: Nice, how would i write a formula in which if the measuremt will determine the increment. For example, if the measurement falls below 6.2 feet then its x formula with its own increment per volume. If its above 6.2 but below 13.3 then its x formula with its own increment per volume. There are 5 different sections to the tank and i am trying to make a calculator with excel without having to take out strapping chart for each section. Thanks.

You nest the 5 section formulas inside each other starting at the HIGHEST section of the tank.

In INCHES only:

Top = 160 inches+
2nd Starts at 120 inches
3rd starts at 80 inches
4th starts at 40 inches
5th is the remaining 0+ inches

=IF(D1>160, (First Formula), IF(D1>120, (Second Formula), IF(D1>80, (Third Formula), IF(D1>80, (Fourth Formula), (Fifth Formula)))))
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