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I need a simple formula, I just can's seem to figure it out.
 time in , time out =total hrs
 example  in @ 8 am out @ 5 PM = 9 hrs
 repeat Monday through Sunday
 then then total at end of week

You first have to know that Excel requires specific entry, and that Excel reads the value of 1 as one DAY.

In cell A1, type:

8 a

and hit Enter. It should then read 8:00 AM.

In cell A2, type:

5 p

and hit Enter. It should then read 5:00 PM.

In cell A3, type:


and hit Enter. It should read 9:00 AM, which isn't want you want.

Select cell A3. Format it as a number. The value now becomes 0.38
That is the portion of 1 day (24 hours) that is your result.

Change the formula in A3 to:


And you shall have your answer. There are 24 hours in one day.

You can learn this and so much more about time and time sheets at Chip Pearson's website.

I hope this helps!
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