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I have the following data in these cells

A1 07:45  (this represents the time i arrived at work)
A2 15:45  (this represents the time I leave work
b1 A2-A1+(A2>A1)  This shows that I worked 8 hours, displayed as 8.00

I have this formula and date for each day of the work.

How do I sum the daily number of hours?  When I add the individual hours for each day via either a sum function, or b1+d1, etc., I would expect to get 40 for the sum having worked 8 hours per day, however it is adding to 16.

In b1, you need:


Because, in Excel, a 1 is 1 day.

I can't figure out why it shows 16, but if you change it to a NUMBER format instead of time, you'll get 1.67, which is 1.67 DAYS. To convert it to hours, you must multiply by 24.

Chip Pearson has a great explanation of all this.
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