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Hi Tom,

I have been trying to figure this problem out, but I am not making progress.  The following is similar to my data:

Col A         Col B          Col C    Col D
1234567-H     Explanation1   2        02-02-2012
2323232       Explanation2   3        02-03-2012
9876543-UK    Explanation3   9        02-04-2012
134          Explanation4   8        02-05-2012
1234567       Explanation1   6        02-06-2012
521          Explanation6   7        02-07-2012
1234567       Explanation8   5        02-08-2012
1234567-199   Explanation9   3        02-09-2012
131          Explanation1   4        02-10-2012
1234567       Explanation0   2        02-11-2012

I want to delete all of the rows that only have three numbers in them, so the 134, 521, and 131 rows in the above example.

How can I do this?  Thank you!



Your data is a bit jumbled, but I will assume that column A only holds the numbers or a number with a hyphen on the end.  I would insert a new column A to use as a "helper" column.  Assuming your data starts in row 1, then in A1 (after inserting the new column A) I would put in this formula


then drag fill this down column A as far down as you have data.  

this will put the #N/A error message next to any row that needs to be deleted.

Now select column A and hit F5 to get the GoTo dialog.  Click on the "Special" button in that dialog.  in the "special" dialog, choose Formulas, then uncheck everything but Errors:

__  Constants
_X  Formulas
  __ Numbers
  __ Text
  __ Logicals
  _X Errors

( "_X" represents the checkbox being checked,  "__" represents the checkbox not being checked)

then click OK

this will select all the cells containing  #N/A

Now go to the Home Tab and go to the "Delete" selection in the "Cells" command button on the Home tab.

click the down arrow and Choose Delete Sheet Rows

This should remove all the rows you don't want.  Now you can delete this new Column A to get back to just your data.

I use this method all the time and it only takes seconds once you get used to doing it.

Tom Ogilvy  
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