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Hi, hope I can explain this without a diagram, but here goes. I'm looking for a forumal to assist my spreadsheet work.

Lets say,

In column A, line 1 I have a quoted figure of 100.

Then in column B line 1, I put the letter Y (for yes).

When I put the letter Y into that column I would like the quoted 100 to appear in column C.

If this is possible, I would also like it so that if I put a letter N (for no) into that cell (instead of Yes) then a standard  (never changing) total of 70.00 is added to column C.

I currently do have the latter set up, and the formula is placed in the C column (the totals column) and is this: - =if(a="N",70,0)

This means that when I answer N, I get 70 in the total column. So., Ideally I would like to get the quoted amount (which would be in column A, line 1) to be added to the totals column if the answer is Yes, and/or
the 70.0 added to to the totals if the answer is N.  

Hope this makes sense!

I am using Excel 2003.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for sending your question on my way...

Please attach your file somewhere in the web for getting exact solution then attach the file in any of the below mentioned websites and send me the link.

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