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QUESTION: I have Excel 2007.

I have information on my master sheet that includes columns and rows that looks like the following:

CUSTOMER          ADDRESS          CITY          Cost Per
6122 West Condominium   2722 Timber Lane  Flushing       $55.00
4017 Baldwin Rd., LLC   4013 E Baldwin     Holly          $52.00
Abbott, Lorraine   11656 Kings Rd.     Grand Blanc    $75.00
Abdole, Mutee          8509 Vassar Rd     Grand Blanc    $150.00
Adomaitaf, Lanna   3444 Cottage Cove Fenton         $40.00
Affrica, John          1435 Edgewater     Fenton    $45.00
Affrica, Rick          11234 Honey Ct.     Fenton    $68.00

This sheet has up to 500 entries of customers names and such.  I have 5 other sheets (within the same workbook) that have the exact information on it, but each sheet is  sorted.  Such as one is sorted by city, one by # of x, etc.  These 5 sheets reflect the same information from off of the master sheet.  What I was wondering is if I could link the master sheet to all the other 5 sheets; with the idea that any new customer (entered into a row) that I add to my master sheet, would be reflected on the other 5 sheets (and would be sorted according to each sheets format)?  In essence, I want to be able to either add or delete a customer with their information, ONCE, on the master sheet and have those changes occur on the other sheets without having to do the additions or subtractions separately for each sheet. Is this possible with Excel?  Or, is this something that maybe I need
Access for?  I have never worked with Access but had been told that because it is a database program that it might be something that I need to look into.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Thank You!

kristina dot ultimateturf at gmail dot com

ANSWER: Kristina,

send me a sample workbook and I will see what I can suggest to you.

if the data is private and you can't dummy it up, then send me an email and tell me that and I will build a little demo of what I think you would want.

Tom Ogilvy

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I am sending you the sheet right now to your msn email address.  

Thank you!



I have sent it back to you with my suggested solution.

Note that while the cells in the copy of the master sheet will update, if you change a value on which the sheet is sorted, you will have to resort that sheet - the sheet won't sort automatically.  Just so you know.

Tom Ogilvy

Tom Ogilvy

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