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Hi Jan: I trust that life is treating you well.

On 2013-02-19 =Proper vs number and letter capitalization:
This seems to do the trick:    =IF(SUM(IF(ISERROR(FIND({1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;0},A1)),1,0))<>10,UPPER(A1),PROPER(A1))    What it does is count the number of instances where a digit 0-9 is NOT found in the

This works wonderfully - but - and there seems to always be a but...
In the cell I may have something like the following...   motor control centre 45ty57  Which I would like to be changed to Motor Control Centre 45TY57.  Your formula delivers it as MOTOR CONTROL CENTRE 45TY57.    

Is it possible to Proper Case the text words but capitalize the mixed number/letter combos?

Many thanks.   BTW - I would like to make a contribution for this effort - I understand that you support Doctors without Borders.  Could I make a contribution to this organization in your name?

Hi Randy,

Hmm. I see no formula way to do that.

This used defined function appears to do the trick:

(paste into a normal code module in your workbook, save workbook as a file type that holds macro's)

Option Explicit

Public Function ProperOrUpper(Value As Variant) As Variant
   Dim vStrings As Variant
   Dim lStrings As Long
   Dim sResult As String
   vStrings = Split(Value, " ")
   If IsArray(vStrings) Then
       For lStrings = LBound(vStrings) To UBound(vStrings)
         sResult = sResult & " " & ConvertOneString(CStr(vStrings(lStrings)))
       sResult = Trim(sResult)
       sResult = Trim(ConvertOneString(CStr(vStrings)))
   End If
   ProperOrUpper = sResult
End Function

Function ConvertOneString(sString As String) As String
   Dim lCt As Long
   Dim bHasNumber As Boolean
   For lCt = 0 To 9
       If InStr(sString, lCt) > 0 Then
         bHasNumber = True
         Exit For
       End If
   If bHasNumber Then
       ConvertOneString = UCase(sString)
       ConvertOneString = Application.Proper(sString)
   End If
End Function

Thank you for offering to donate. Of course I welcome such a great gesture!
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