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I have several contractors whose payroll I do in Excel.  They are broken down by sheet.  On the front sheet if have a formula that sums up different aspects of their pay.  Of of those aspects is paid mileage. this is determined by the number of miles they drive and go into an if then formula that determines the pay rate. When I try to add the pay boxes up it gives me an inconsistency error.

=SUM(Christa:End!I81:I82)  (Formula getting error)

=IF(H81>150,"75",IF(H81>120,"60",IF(H81>90,"45", IF(H81>59,"30",("0")))))

There's nothing wrong with your first formula. It works for me.  The only reason I can think it might error is if there is an error in one of those two "sum" cells on one of the sheets.  Check them all.

The second formula could simplify down to:

=LOOKUP(H81, {0,60,91,121,151}, {0,30,45,60,75})
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