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Greetings.  I am trying to do the following:  I have 12 options folks are ranking against 6 criteria.  However, we want to weight the criteria, as some are more important than others.  I have the options going across the top in rows, A - L, and the criteria going down Column A.  Right now, I have folks using a scale of 1 - 5 with one being "best" and 5 being "worst".  They're to fill in those rankings in the appropriate grid.  How do I then overlay the weightings, so that the rankings somehow more accurately reflect what we're trying to do.  I hope this makes sense.  Thank you, in advance, for your help.  Best, Jennifer


What you are talking about is a weighted average.  I have uploaded a sample spreadsheet here:

Essentially you need to assign a weight to each criteria, and the total of your weights should be 100%.  You then multiple each score by the weight... and in the end you get a weighted average.

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