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Excel/zeros in excel cells only when data is entered.


=SUM(D9+E9) answer goes in cell F8

=SUM(F9-G9) answer goes in cell I9

I have these two formulas and I only want a zero to appear in the cell when data is entered in the cells it corresponds with.  When no data is entered I want the cell to remain blank.  Can you help me figure this out.

Hey Pauline
I am not sure what you mean by "when data is entered in the cells it corresponds with",  so I will give you a couple of answers.

one is --You can use the excel advanced options and eliminate zeroes in all cells.  To do that you go to the toolbar then click on the office button at the top left then on the drop down list at the bottom right click excel options, then from the next list click advanced.  Then from the next series of lists scross down to display options for worksheet and uncheck the box that says show a zero in cells that have a zero value.  this will eliminate all zeroes from the worksheet.

another is--Use an IF formula to to put a zeroe in when you want it.  Since I am not sure what your criteria are for haveing a zeroe in the cell or not I will give you an example of what I mean


This formula applies two tests if D9 is not a zero and if E9 is not a zero then it will add D9 and E9 together and if the result of adding the two together is a zeroe then it will put a zero in the cell.  If the result is not a zeroe then it will put that value in the cell.  If either D9 or E9 are equal to zeroe (or blank) then the formula will put a blank in the cell.

This may not be exactly what you are looking for but if not I believe you can work our the formula that will work for you using my example.  If you can't then let me know.

Hope this helps

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