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In my main spreadsheet, I have over 10,000 personnel records which include employee's information such as:

Hire Date
Department Number
Job Title etc.  

In a new column adjacent to the department number, I would like text to be automatically added reflecting the department name.  I have about 20 department numbers and department names already set up on a separate spreadsheet.    

On the main spreadsheet, how do I have excel automatically populate the text of a department name, in a new column, based upon a department number?  I don't want to replace the department number, but rather visually see the name in a column next to the number?

I so look forward to hearing back from you.  This is my first time using this resource and I would be so grateful for your help!

Easy peasy. Use a VLOOKUP. It's explained in an article I wrote ages ago:

Make sure your lookup range (that other spreadsheet with departments and numbers on it) have the name left and the number right so that your vlookup works properly.

If you have problems, you can take SOME records and save to a new file and send to anne dot troy at gmail dot com and I'll write your formula for you.
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