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Hi Tom

I have created a weekly timesheet which calculates the weekday
and weekend hours separately as different hourly rates apply.
For example, Monday to Friday equals basic rate and Saturday and Sunday are at time and a half.
The problem I have is with Bank Holidays.
When an employee works on a Bank Holiday they receive double time.
The maths are easy, it's trapping the Bank Holidays I have difficulty with.
Can you point me in the right direction please?


Hard to tell without knowing anything about your data and your layout.

If you are using the weekday function to discover a date where pay is increase then you could modify it to also consider a list of bank holidays.

Say B9 holds the date in question (the day the work occured) and your list of holidays is in  Z1:Z10


=if(or(weekday(b9,2)>5,countif($Z$1:$Z$10,B9)>0),Higher rate, normal rate)

NetWorkdays and Workday functions already incorporate an argument to include a list of holidays.  so if you are using one of them, then you would just include the range of cells that contain the holidays for this argument.

Tom Ogilvy

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