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QUESTION: Hello...I'm using v2010 and am using an ActiveX textbox with the following properties:  AutoSize=False, EnterKeyBehav=True, MultiLine=True, ScrollVertical=True.
Initially, everything with this box was fine.  However, I now find that when I click inside the box, then click outside the box, the font of the text inside the keeps getting smaller.  The dimensions of the box don't change and I don't want it to.  But I did initially set the font to, say, Verdana 12pt.  This fontsize should not change.  I can't find a property that would control this; I have made sure that AutoSize=False, as above.
I have read blogs that said this is a known issue with ActiveX controls and I should switch to Form Controls.  However, the textbox feature is not available and I'd rather not have to use sophisticated VBA coding (as a Change Event or something) to "reset" the font size to what I want anytime anyone edits the textbox.  How do I keep the textbox font from changing?
Your help is most appreciated.
Thank you very much.
- Al


ActiveX controls are indeed reknown for causing havoc.

Perhaps you can try a couple of things:

- remove the textbox and put a new one on your sheet
- Check whether zoom size is set to 100%
- Switch default printer in Windows

Alternatively: don't use a textbox to begin with. What is the reason you are using a textbox?

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QUESTION: Thank you very much for your honest answer.
The reason why I'm using a textbox is because I have worksheets with many rows of data and there is one column that would normally be reserved for 'comments'.  But those comments take up a lot of space and, using wrap text, causes the height of the row to be unreasonably high also making visibility of the sheet more difficult.  A scrollable textbox would seem to be the answer since these comments often need editing or additions; they can be all the same reasonable size and with vertical scrolling, it's easy for users to view all comments without distorting the visibility of the entire worksheet itself.
Do you think there's a better way?
Thanks again!

Hi Al,

I see why you'd want to use a textbox indeed.

Since I am a VBA programmer, I would create a userform the users could call up using a button, which would contain a textbox to edit the comment. The userform would not help much for viewing lots of subsequent comments however, though even that might be something that can be arranged using a SelectionChange event.
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