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I have three columns labeled loss date, date of hire, and 90 days after hire - all are in date formating.  I calculated the column 90 days after hire by adding 90 to the date of hire column.  I am now trying to determine if loss date occurs before or after the date in 90 days after hire.  If I need to use a color coding that is fine, any way is better than going through 7000+ cells!

example: cell D2 is 1/1/2012, cell E2 is 5/17/2011, cell F2 is 8/15/2011.

Let me know, thanks.


I have uploaded a sample file here:


You can use an IF function, combined with AND to create a formula that will let you know if the date matches criteria.  You can also use Conditional Formatting (Available on Home Ribbon/Styles Group) to automatically highlight cells based on criteria.  I have chosen to highlight the cells stating "Yes".

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