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Excel/Excel docs only open in part screen


Hi Dave

When I open MS Office 2010 documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) by clicking the document name in Windows Explorer, the documents open in Restore down mode (part screen) instead of full screen. This is irritating to have to click the maximize button every time. Do you have any idea how this can be corrected? I've set the program shortcuts properties to Maximized, so when I open a new document it does indeed open in maximised mode, but not when I open an existing document from Windows Explorer. I've tried holding down Shift or Ctrl when closing the documents as suggested on some blogs, but it makes no difference.

I'm working on MS Office 2010 Prof. (S/P 1) and Win 7.0 prof. (S/P 2)

Nico Smith

Hi Nico,
I have noticed this myself with the newer versions of excel and have also look for answers to this.
The one answer I have found that makes sense to my situation is that I am using the "personal macro workbook". This is a hidden workbook that I use to store VBA code and is opened whenever I open a workbook.

I usually don't open workbooks from windows explorer anymore but open them from excel.
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