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I have an extensive e-mail list that I wish to use, and I tried highlighting the column of mails and then pasting it in the "To" section of the e-mail, but it only pastes the first e-mail of all the ones highlighted.  Is there a short cut to doing this at all so that I can import all the mails quickly? Thanks!

Hi Nick,

I suppose you are wanting to send emails using your Excel mail list and that requires knowledge of the mail merge functionality in Word (yes, I said Word).

1. Make sure that your Excel document has these headings: "First name," "Last Name" and "Email Address." Include each of these in its own cell.
2. Write the body of the email in Word and once you are satisfied with the content, save the Word document, but keep the file open.  
3. Next click the "Mailings" tab and choose "Select Recipients" from the "Start Mail Merge" group.
4. Click "Use Existing List." Locate your file through the "Select Data Source" box. Select your file and click "OK" or "Open." The information will merge from Excel into Word and send the email through Microsoft Outlook.

Hope this helps the process.

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