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Please help. I need to know an Excel formula for calculating days past due. I have a column with "due date". column with "date paid" and a column with" days past due". The days past due column I need it to state the days past due. if the "date paid" column reads a date, then I need it to state the number of days it was past due..BUT ALSO if the "date paid" column is blank, it has a number of days past due based on the current date and the due date.
thank you

Column A: Date Due
Column B: Date Paid (or blank)
Column C: Past Due

Row 1 is column headings. In C2:


What this means:

ISBLANK(B2)  means if cell B2 is blank
NOW()  means today, right now
NOW() - A2 will return the number of days between today and the date in cell A2

So if B2 is blank, give me the number of days between today and the due date.
Otherwise give me the number of days between the date it was paid and the due date.

You want to return the number of days, so you must have the cell C2 formatted as a number (no decimals) and NOT as a date.

Hope this helps.
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