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Tom, you have helped me off and on for the past 15 years, and I hope you can once more, in spite of my inability to frame the question well. If you can help me, I appreciate it greatly, and if not, that will not take away from the incredibly high admiration I have for you and your abilities.
I have a spreadsheet where a bunch of our production and material costs are added together, given a price per thousand pieces, and a profit margin is added to them. (that part of the equation is a bit  backwards in that if the margin cell says 80% it will apply a 20% margin, if 85%, then a 15% margin etc. What happens is, my boss says, "bump that price up 3% in June" and then, by trial and error I have to figure out what to change that 85% to in order to achieve an increase of 3% in the final price.
It would be clearer I'm sure for you to look at an example. http://kingfield.net/excel/formula-question.xlsx  Very safe, Promise. Thanks Tom.
Paul (the wooden fruit guy)


In C1 I would put the formula


so you divide the percentage in C2 by (the percentage in A1 + 1)

in your example   80.00%/(1 + 3%) = 77.6699029126214%

then 260/77.6699029126214%  = 334.75

Your original formula boiled down to (260/80%) = 325.00  so to test my answer I add 3% of 325 to 325 and that equals 334.75 verifying that dividing by  77.6699039236214% produces the result you want (as I understand your problem statement)

Hopefully that is what you wanted.

Tom Ogilvy  
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