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Excel/Microsoft Excel Column Name Updates.


Dear Andrea

Do you feel Column Name changes from A, B, C to 1., 2., 3., 4. will have more advantages over the current
column name as A,B,C ... i.e. Similar to IP Address example

The Record/s names will remain the same as 1,2,3 ....

Examples :


For example A1 refers to Column 1, Row 1 and has value as 3 so we refer the cell value as A1=3
Now instead of A1=3, we will refer as 1.1=3


For example C4 refers to Column 3, Row 4  and has value as Hello so we refer the cell value as C4=Hello
Now instead of C4=Hello, we will refer as 3.4=Hello


Since the column name is changed from character to whole number(integer), the values in the column can  take any positive limits.

For example :

999.56 refers to column  999 and  row 56
3456.43 refers to column  3456 and  row 43

Note : Column Name should be changed to 1. (i.e. 1 followed by a Dot) and not only 1 because if we keep only 1 then for example 123 creates a ambiguity of which is the column i.e. 1 or 12.

In this example 123 will lead to column 1, row 23 or column 12, row 3.    

Correct :

12.3 refers to column 12, row 3
1.23 refers to column 1, row 23

i.e. Since the current convention if replaced by 1.,2.,3., the number of columns can exceed the limit of 16,384 columns i.e. 1,048,576 and we can have a large data set.

i.e. Now we can have 1,048,576 rows by 1,048,576 columns by taking this convention.

Also instead of . (dot) we can also use , (comma) for column,row bifurcation ?.

As for examples,

1.1 refers to column 1, row 1
1,1 refers to column 1, row 1

The current convention for the above example is A1. i.e. column 1, row 1.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Prashant -

I would guess Excel uses "A1" format for many reasons:

It is obvious which is the column and which is the row.
It is easy to indicate in code when an entire column "A:A" or entire row "1:1" is being used.
Items like "1.1" or "1,1" mean other things in different programming languages.

The current use of letters for column names is not the limiting factor in the number of columns available.

Finally, given that none of the above is to be found true, I see no advantage to switching the current method. So why would you?

My opinion. Thank you, that was fun - Andrea  
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