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I have 2 spreadsheets in a wb. Both contain first name, last name. WS A has names and email addresses. WS B has names and other info I need. I want to match names from A to names on B and once I get the match I want to add the email addresses from A to the name on B. I want to use the email addresses to send to constant contact. Sheet A has multiple instances of the same name, sheet B usually only has one instance but sometimes multiples. Sheet A also has names that are not on B and I would like to report those names and emails seperatly.

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ANSWER: is the structure on both that first name is in A, last name in B, and WS A has email in C, and you want WS B to have email addresses picked up and placed in C?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

A is a spreadsheet containing both the name and email
B is a spreadsheet containing the name and additional info such as start and end dates.

A sometimes has multiple entries for the same name and also may have entries that are not in B.

I need to know how to get both A&B into one WB

I want to take the email on A and add it to the corresponding name on B ignoring any multiple entries on A. When done I will have B with all the info I need including the email corresponding to the name.

I will then need to calculate 30 days prior to the end date field to notify me of any customer names and emails who will end in thirty days. I will use the emails to send them an expiration notice and re-enrollment opportunity via Constant Contact.

To help clarify I have sent both sheets to your Gmail

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I don't know how you got my gmail email (I hardly ever use it).
Enter this in cell V2 of the customer log file, but it MUST be entered while holding Ctrl+Shift:
=IFERROR(INDEX('A 2013-04-06_Submit Log.csv'!$H:$H,MATCH(B2&C2,'A 2013-04-06_Submit Log.csv'!$F$1:$F$1406&'A 2013-04-06_Submit Log.csv'!$G$1:$G$1406,0)),"No Match")
Then you can double-click the fill handle to fill it down.
I suggest that when you're done, copy column V and paste special values, since csv files can't hold formulas.

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