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Hi Tom

We take reservations by phone using an Excel template into which we enter information such as arrival and departure dates of guests, No. of people, tariffs, totals, etc. This is then saved as an Excel file.

Info from particular cells in this Excel document is  subsequently entered into a table which is part of a word template. This is then stored as a document and emailed to the client.

Unfortunately people make mistakes when they transfer this info manually from Excel to Word. How can I automate this process? In other words, how can I "push" specific info to the Word doc, by means of links?

Note: It would have been simple if this document could rather have been an Excel doc as well. However, it isn't practical since it contains a letterhead, other graphics and a substantial amount of other information.

I'm not familiar with VBA at all but I can give it a go if I can get step-by-step guidance.

Thanks and kind regards.
Nico Smith.

Nico Smith,

I would think VBA could be used for this - but if you don't know VBA, then trying to link Excel to Word plus adding in the functionality you describe might be a bridge too far.  You can't really give step by step instructions on how to write a VBA code solution - particularly if the person writing the instructions has no detailed knowledge of the requirement.

What does occur to me is the mail merge feature of word.  It allows you to create form letters and populate the data in the form letter from a database - of which excel can be used as the source for that database.  That kind of sounds like what you are doing.   

Another way would be to create links in word back to the excel source or to do some type of copy and paste as a link.   

That is about the best suggestions I can give you given the very general description you provided.

Tom Ogilvy  
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