Hi Tom,

I'm trying to make an excel file that will help me in a job hunt. Here's what I'm trying to automate. For sake of simplicity I'll give you a sample of three companies and three cities.

Let's say the three cities are Boston, New York and LA. The three companies are J.P. Morgan, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Hypothetically, let's say JPM is in Boston and New York, Bank of America is New York and LA, and Wells Fargo is in LA and Boston.

I would like to make an excel document that allows me to sort both by company and city. I might be moving on short notice to a variety of cities, and want to start narrowing down what companies are in each city before I move.

Thus - I would like to be able to highlight "Boston" and have it show me "JPM and Wells Fargo" or if I wanted to pull up where a specific company has offices, highlight "Wells Fargo" and have it show me "LA and Boston."

How would I go about doing that?


A1:  City
B1:  Company

then starting in A2

Boston       JP Morgan
Boston       Wells Fargo
New York     JP Morgan
New York     Bank of America
Los Angeles  Bank of America
Los Angeles  Wells Fargo

Now select A1 and apply the filter (in Excel 2007 or later on the home tab, select Sort & Filter in the editing command button.  In the resulting dropdown, select Filter.  This will put dropdown arrows in A1 and B1. You can select the dropdown arrow in A1 and choose your city or select the dropdown arrow in B1 and choose your company.

You remove can show all the data by going to the Sort & Filter dropdown and select clear or remove the filter in total by selecting Filter.

In excel 2003 this is found under the Data Menu, then Select Filter, then Select Autofilter.

In most cases, if you add more data, you will need to remove the filter and reapply it to pick up the new data.

if you have Excel 2007 or later, could create a table and the table has the filter capabilities and expands as you add data.  

At any time, you can do a custom sort of your data and choose what order you want it in but the filter is what allows you to narrow down the data presented.   

Tom Ogilvy  
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