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I have a MASTER worksheet that I already have some reference letters on the left column (Z, F, D). I will be adding worksheets to this same workbook on a weekly basis. This is a sample of what I am trying to accomplish, my real task has to do with beauty products but I made this to make it simple, same concept. Just to note, additional worksheets added will not always have the same number of "animals" as in the MASTER, i purposely deleted an animal from the SHEET 2 to create this situation. And will not be sorted by Ascending or Descending order, as you can see I mixed them up in SHEET 2. MASTER sheet will stay the same as you see it. This is so as to create the situation I will be in every week.

Ok. So the question is. I want to be able to tell SHEET 2, column C, to pull information from the MASTER, in Column C, which is those reference letters (Z, D, F). To do that I want it to be able to say that if the SKU from SHEET 2 matches anywhere in MASTER, to copy the reference letter in Column C in that same row that it found the SKU match. HOW DO I FORMULATE THAT?

And if and when you find the formula, I need to make sure it works no matter if I sort the list in SHEET 2. So, once SHEET 2 get's formulated, try sorting the list by ascending, descending order and see if the reference letters follow the sorting, that will test that column C is doing just fine. I will pay more than $5 if you can get this. It will save us a lot of time and will be worth it.

Sounds like a simple VLOOKUP formula to me - see http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13780/using-vlookup-in-excel/ for a reasonably clear explanation - this works just fine regardless of how a list is sorted - question found in the question pool, which means the person you originally asked was unable or unwilling to answer the question - for which (despite it not being me) you have my apologies - my view on all questions asked is they deserve my best answer - even if that is that I cannot help.

HOPEFULLY this gives you what you need but do let me know if I can help further - if it helps, my direct email is aidan.heritage@virgin.net

Thank you for the feedback - I did wonder about mentioning Index match which is actually slightly quicker than vlookup and doesn't require the data to be in a prescribed order of columns - however, for your example, vlookup WILL work and would be quick enough - it's usually easier to follow too - but that said, the important thing is to have a working formula!
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