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Excel/inserting data into Excel from vb


I am using Visual Basic 2008 Express Edition and Office 2010.

I have a VB programme that reads data from an existing Excel spreadsheet but when I attempt to insert data into the spreadsheet nothing is inserted but I do not get any errors in the VB programme.

The code I am using is:
Dim Rng as Excel.Range

xlsheet is already defined and is OK when I read from the spreadsheet. Can you help?


ANSWER: Can you show me the code where xlsheet is defined and set, and where x and y are set?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Many thanks for your reply, this is part of the code I am using.

Public Class Form1
   Dim xl As New Excel.Application
   Dim xlwbook As Excel.Workbook
   Dim xlsheet As Excel.Worksheet

   Public Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

       Dim location As String
       location = "C:\Users\Tony\Documents\Vets Golf\game matrix13.xlsx"
       xlwbook = xl.Workbooks.Open(location, [ReadOnly]:=False, [Editable]:=True)
       xlsheet = xlwbook.Sheets.Item(1)

   End Sub

   Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
       Dim cplayed As Boolean
       Dim x As Integer
       Dim y As Integer
       Dim lowhandicap As Integer = 0
       Dim a As Integer = 0
       Dim b As Integer = 0
       Dim Rng As Excel.Range
       Dim first As Boolean = True
       Dim found As Integer
       Dim player1 As String
       Dim player2 As String
       Dim handicap1 As String
       Dim handicap2 As String
       Dim totalseniors(1, 1) As String
       ReDim totalseniors(12, 1)
       totalseniors = getteam()
       For y = 0 To 5
         found = 0
         lowhandicap = 0
         first = True
         player1 = totalseniors(y, 0)
         handicap1 = totalseniors(y, 1)
         For x = 6 To 11
         player2 = totalseniors(x, 0)
         If player2 = player1 Then Continue For
         handicap2 = totalseniors(x, 1)
         cplayed = checkifplayed(player1, player2, handicap1, handicap2)
         If cplayed = True Then
         If first Then
         lowhandicap = CInt(handicap2)
         first = False
         found = x
         If CInt(handicap2) < lowhandicap Then
         lowhandicap = CInt(handicap2)
         found = x
         End If
         End If
         End If

         If found = 0 Then
         MsgBox("no player found")
         End If
         TextBox3.Text = TextBox3.Text & player1 & " (" & handicap1 & ") " & totalseniors(found, 0) & " (" & totalseniors(found, 1) & ")" & vbNewLine
         Rng = xlsheet.Cells(y, found)
         Rng.Value = "played"

   End Sub

Hi Tony,

Looking at this code, most of it seems to be okay and nothing obviously wrong.

The one thing I did pick out is that you run an outer loop for the y variable of 0 to 5. y is later used when in defining the rng variable , Rng = xlsheet.Cells(y, found). If y is 0 at this point, this will generate at error. Have you checked what the value of y is when the error occurs?
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