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Dear Tom,

Hope you are doing well...

I need your help in following:
I have one sheet showing the employee names in column A. training subject in column B, date of training in column AC.

the same employee name might repeated several times within the range (A:A.D.), because each employee maybe conducted more than one training

Ultimately, I want to know how many employee conduct training.
is there any code can make : (if employee name is repeated, then merge these two or more cells and sort the table per name)


Column A        Column B          Column AC
Johan          Leadership          11/7/2012
Tom          Microsoft office      01/5/2013
Rommel          IT awareness          26/9/2012
Nael          Operation ratios      11/5/2011
Johan          IT awareness          26/9/2012
Tom          IT awareness          26/9/2012
Johan          Microsoft Office      01/5/2013

Count above will show 7

My requirement:
Column A        Column B          Column AC
Johan          IT awareness          26/9/2012
         Microsoft Office      01/5/2013
         Leadership          11/7/2012
Nael          Operation ratios      11/5/2011
Rommel          IT awareness          26/9/2012
Tom          IT awareness          26/9/2012
         Microsoft office      01/5/2013

Count above will show 4

Thanks & regards

Pivot Table
Pivot Table  

Are you familiar with pivot tables.  This can be easily done using a pivot table.

The cells won't be merged, but they will be all together in contiguous rows.  

You have to go into pivot table options and choose the classic pivot table appearance under the display tab.  

I have removed totals for rows and columns as well as they are not really pertinet.

Of the 4 at the bottom of the names, I used =countif(E3:E4,"<>")

The picture was taken in Excel 10, but Pivot tables have been in Excel for many versions.

(this revision uses a larger picture - not sure what Allexperts will do with it but hopefully you will be able to see it)

Tom Ogilvy

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