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Hey, this is my form, feel free to email me directly. password is "k"
I want my users to enter stuff in to enter data in sheet 1 (THE FORM), then click the submit button that coppies the data and past it in the next available new line for sheet 2 (THE TABLE). The form must be cleared of the data entered. The date each line was submitted should go in column "J" of Table.

Thank you for the file - I had problems accessing it on some computers due to security restrictions, so my apologies for the delay in replying.  I see now that by submit you were meaning a data entry system - I had viewed it as being two seperate workbooks, so data was being emailed across - so again apologies for that.  The suggested macro is

Sub AidanTestSubmit()
'process needs to be
'for every record on this submission sheet
'create a new blank row on sheet 2
'Add it
'fields on sheet2 are
'JOB DATE          column A
'REGION          Column B
'PARISH          column C
'No. (IN)          Column E
'Rate (IN)          Column F
'No. (OUT)          Column G
'Rate (OUT)          Column H
'Month          Column I
'DATE SUBMITTED          Column J
Application.StatusBar = "Please wait - submitting"
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim OutVar As Long, WriteVar As Long
WriteVar = WorksheetFunction.CountA(Sheets("Sheet2").Range("a:A")) + 1
OutVar = 6
While Cells(OutVar, 1).Value <> ""
   With Sheets("Sheet2")
       .Cells(WriteVar, 1).Value = Cells(OutVar, 1).Value
       .Cells(WriteVar, 2).FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[1]="""","""",_xlfn.IFERROR(VLOOKUP(RC[1],Info!R3C1:R17C2,2,FALSE),""Error""))"
       .Cells(WriteVar, 3).Value = Cells(OutVar, 2).Value
       .Cells(WriteVar, 4).Value = Cells(OutVar, 3).Value
       .Cells(WriteVar, 5).Value = Cells(OutVar, 4).Value
       .Cells(WriteVar, 6).Value = Cells(OutVar, 5).Value
       .Cells(WriteVar, 7).Value = Cells(OutVar, 6).Value
       .Cells(WriteVar, 8).Value = Cells(OutVar, 7).Value
       .Cells(WriteVar, 9).FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-8]="""","""",TEXT(RC[-8],""mmmm-yyyy""))"
       .Cells(WriteVar, 10).Value = Now()
       Range("a" & OutVar & ":g" & OutVar).ClearContents
   End With
   OutVar = OutVar + 1
   WriteVar = WriteVar + 1
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Application.StatusBar = ""
End Sub

I cannot see your email (it doesn't show to the expert on this system) but mine is if you need to discuss anything further on this directly with me, or of course you can reply via AllExperts.

I hope this gives you what you need.
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