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Please recognize that the following represents just a small fraction of the macro I created, but it is enough to define the problem I'm having.

I'm using Excel 2003 VBA. I have written a procedure where I open a spreadsheet containing many records. There is some commonality between the records, but it is not such that I can put them in proper order for later processing. I wrote a procedure to take each record, and depending on certain criteria, assign a Group Code to the record. I then invoke a second subroutine called Sub ProcessRecords(GroupCode), passing to it the argument called "GroupCode" for additional processing on that record, including the actual assignment of the GroupCode.

I process each record with the following code:

Do While ActiveCell <> ""

Select Case ActiveCell

   Case "LLC A"
       Set GroupCode = "R NDV"     (The Compile stops on this line)
       ProcessRecords GroupCode
   Case "LLC R"
       Set GroupCode = "D NDV"
       ProcessRecords GroupCode

   Case "LTK 7"
       Set GroupCode = "R DNV"
       ProcessRecords GroupCode

End Select


End Sub

Here's my problem: When I press F8 to run the procedure, I get a VBA Message that says "Compile Error: Object Required". This message appears on the line identified above. Of course, I can't go any further.

I have searched through the VBA Help file and my 870 page VBA book, but I can't find the solutionn. What am I doing wrong? What kind of "object" is required?

Interstingly I had used arguments in other programs which all worked successfully.

Thanks for your help.

Bob K.

The keyword SET is used to set an object variable to an instance of that object - so you could use
dim myWrd as object
Set MyWrd=application("Microsoft Word") 'not strictly correct syntax but gives the idea

In your case, you AREN'T using an object, so the word SET isn't needed - instead

GroupCode = "D NDV"

would set the contents of the variable GroupCode to the string "D NDV"

It should then hopefully behave itself.
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