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Hi Bob - i have a number of questions but will start with what i guess will be simple for you. I am putting together a tracker sheet for my swimming club that will log all swims (4 strokes, many different distances) and will pull personal best times from the submitted time for the person and rank (by age / by club) for the distance and stroke whilst also flagging up county qualifying times etc (taken from pb's versus a list of county qualifying times). There are so many variables we are looking at but it all starts with the age of the person at a set time as dependent upon the competition, the age category varies as they have different qualifications re age (ie some are age as of 01/01, some age at time of final of comp which may be 01/09 etc). So assuming i have a list of swimmers with their dob in 01/01/2004 format, how do i calculate their age at 01/10/2013? We effectively have 5 different competitions so will have 5 columns each detailing their effective age at date.... Appreciate your assistance. Regards. Alan Lowe

Hello Alan,

First of all, apologies for my tardiness, but I a travelling and the wi-fi in the hotel has been temperamental.

As to your question, it really revolves around what granularity of age you measure.

If it depends upon year and month, then you could use the DATEDIF function. Thereare some issues with this tjough, not the least of which is that it is not documented in Excel help.

If it is just years, just use the YEAR function to get the year of the start and end dates, and subtract one from the other (making appropriate adjustments depending upon the month).


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