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Hi, I need a little help
I have a cell with some numerical value, this cell is linked with a column of cells in a way that as I write down a number, that number gets added or subtracted from the main value for example cell A1 has value 100 now when I write -10 in cell B1, A1 shows 90, I write +30 in B2, A1 shows 120 and so on
Now here's the thing , A1 shows the final calculated value, what I want is that when I click say B4, then A1 should show calculation result of upto B4 only, again when I click B8, A1 should display a value resulting from the operations performed till B8 even when cells B9,B10...have values

I hope you can help

Non-vba solution, put this formula in C1 and copy down 100 cells or so:

=IF(B1=0, "", 100+sum($B$1:$B1))

Now, as you type values column B, a "value so far" will appear in column C.

To have the number in A1 change, we'd have to employ VBA and I'd have to know where the beginning value in A1 is coming from since we'll probably have to do away with any formula that is in there.  What's the formula in A1 is what I'm asking?  
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