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Excel/finding a sheet within a work book


Dear Aidan

Good day.

If I have a workbook with many sheets around 80 can I find a specific one without having to right click the arrows & searching by my eyes. like Ctrl+F funnction?


You already know one shortcut which many don't - which is the right click to give you the full list of sheets - but there isn't any further inbuilt method to simplify this further (that I know of) - however, you could build (via a simple macro) and index tab which listed all the sheets with hyperlinks to them

Sub indexer()
Dim n As Long
n = 1
For Each sht In ActiveWorkbook.Sheets
Cells(n, 1).Value = sht.Name
ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Anchor:=Cells(n, 1), Address:="", SubAddress:=sht.Name & "!A1", TextToDisplay:=sht.Name

n = n + 1
End Sub

This macro should be run with a blank sheet (ideally the first one in the workbook, or the last) active
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