Hi. I am new at writing VBA's. I have only learned little about them but I recently got a promotion and I believe I can put it to use now.

I am working on data that will be distributed to about 40 different people. Each person has a district (group of people in a range of cities/states) that they will need to look at. Is there a way I can have a VBA ask for "District", they type in the district and only pulls up data from that district. If this isn't possible I will have to separate each district and send 40 different emails.

Thanks so much!

Tiffany C.

Sorry. My profile specifically states I can't help with VBA. I do some VBA, but not enough to be helpful with the code.

However, you must be aware that Excel security isn't considered very good, so you maybe should be emailing the different sheets to each. It would actually make smaller emails and increase security.

Ron de Bruin is the "king" of Excel emailing.

And here is the code you could use if you place the email address of each worksheet's recipient in cell A1 of their worksheet:

When Ron says--at the end of that article--it will delete the file, he means the SHEET that was separated from your big workbook for sending, not YOUR big workbook.
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