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Good morning Tom, I have 100's of start-stop times in a worksheet denoting punch in and out times of my work day.  These punches include a punch in for beginning of day, out punch for lunch, in punch for end of lunch and out punch for the end of the day.  These punches are by the minute.  Calculating my actual worked hours for the day is proving difficult (my fingers are getting tired, kidding).  Is there a function/formula to calculate the actual hours for the morning worked and the afternoon worked?  I am currently using military time, however switching will not be a problem.  I am not familiar with changing time to "serial" numbers??? if this is the solution.  Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.


a2:  time in
b2:  time out to lunch
c2:  time in from lunch
d2:  time out

e2:  =(B2-A2)+(D2-C2)   format as time

time is stored as a fraction of a 24 hour day.  so 6 AM is .25; noon is .5

so you just have to subtract the start time from the end time.  

All this assumes you actually enter you values at time values.  If I enter

13:40  in a cell, it should be stored as 0.569444444444444    you shouldn't have to change time to  "serial" numbers.  Excel should do that automatically.

If that isn't happening, then the answer to your question would be dependent on how your data is stored.  (I have assumed that you are working with normal work hours such as 8 to 5.  

If your data isn't be stored as actual excel times, then you can send me a sample worksheet and I am willing to take a look.

Send to twogilvy@msn.com

Tom Ogilvy

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