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Excel/Encrypt with Password Feature in Ms Access Software.


Dear Marcrodos‎‎‎‎

Is there any option of recovering the Access Database created using Encrypt with Password Feature within Database Tools menu in Ms Access Software if one forgets the password ?.

In case no, Can one build the mechanism feature within Access application for recovering the Access Database created ?.

For examples :

a. Providing security question to the user before the password is entered.
b. The password entered by the user to the Access Database created is emailed / notified to user's email address i.e. Notification feature within excel for Encrypt with Password Feature.

N.B : Even though this question is on Access Application, if possible you can answer me. The Protect Workbook, Protect Worksheet in Excel, Protect Document in Word, Protect presentation document features in Ms Power point applications works in a similar way but in access they have not given any way of password recovery mechanism for the database.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

hello, excel 2010 and office 2010 has a password more robust. If forgot the password can not be enter from the same program.

The solution is to find software on the internet that crack the password, I honestly do not know which, but not if they work well or not, surely payments programs must work well and can recover your file.

Since VBA macros for Excel which is my specialty, I can not do.

In examples can download free excel macros programmed in VBA, the maros can download and adapt the project that you're doing to automate excel.
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