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Hi Jerry,

Kindly help me in this VBA, now I'm using the following VBA code to open a workbook:

Analyst1 = Range("AK7")
Workbooks.Open Filename:=Analyst1

The Range AK7 contains "D:\Jay\NEWAnalyst1.xlsm"
The File opens properly but my problem is, If I save the File as "ANaLyst1" or "analyst1", then the macro turns case sensitive and problem in opening the file. Could you please suggest to remove case sensitive from the coding, and kindly suggest me the coding to open the file if it is in lower or upper or in any case.

Hm, that does not follow what I know about filenames, they are not case sensitive.

I have a file named "GED STATS.xlsx" in my C:\2013\ folder.   I put this text into cell K7:

     "C:2013\ged stats.xlsx"

Notice the case is completely wrong?  Then this one line of code opened that file correctly:

     Workbooks.Open Range("K7")

I'd be more likely to suspect some other difference in the new filename, such as hidden spaces.
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