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Hi Bib,

I am having some difficulties with one cell in particular. This cell is my Report_Period cell... I am creating a template to calculate monthly metrics. In this cell people enter in a particular date and that would calculate the metrics below it. (For example, if I wanted to see the # of Critical Problem Reports for the month of June, 2013 I would type in June 31, 2013 into the Report_Period cell and the # of Critical Problem reports for that month would populate... I am not having issues with that formula, but rather having issues with the date I am entering into the Report_Period Cell.

I notice that there is a single quote entered in front of the date if the date is not entered in correctly. For example- if someone typed in 2/31/2013 it would enter in as '2/31/2013 because there isn't 31 days in February.... My metrics will not calculate right if someone puts in the wrong date.

What I would like to know if there is a formula, data validation or any other solution to avoid this from happening? I want to make it so that people cannot enter in the wrong date. Even if there is no concrete way of doing it maybe even how to create a error message that tells them they need to enter it in correctly--- just as long as they know they arenít entering in the correct dates.

Any ideas?

Thank you Bob! I appreciate the help!


Hello Kathryn,

I think you mentioned the solution in your summary, namely Data Validation.

Data Validation has a date type which forces proper data input. You have too put in start and end dates when you setup the DV,these can be some very early and very late dates, or you could be more specific and use dates to control what date is entered.
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